Event Results

Mixers Event 5/19/2017

A good time at Hog Neck’s Mixers Event Friday night!
The evening held many surprises for the participants of the 1st Mixers Event at Hog Neck Golf Course.  It started with a 6 hole putting contest that consisted of dog leg left’s, dog leg right’s, par 3’s and par 4’s. 
Oh yes, there were a few obstacles in the way too, but it kept those who participated smiling.
The golf game was a Las Vegas Scramble…..a Scramble with a twist!  Played just like a regular Scramble but after all players played their tee shots, on each hole, the team had to roll a dice to see whose drive had to be used!  When this pro was driving around she saw player hitting out from trees and dropping balls behind hazards!  Although there was a good drive right down the middle but that player’s number was not rolled.
The evening finished with some new friends, lots of laughter and some good hearted ribbing at the Café.

1st – 30           Robert Gretzinger
$13.00 pp      Dixie Hughlett
                        Carter Hughlett
‘                       Tim Weigard
2nd – 31          Doug Collison
$9.00 pp         Melvin Newell
                        Debbie Collison
3rd – 31           James Sedgwick
$5.00 pp         Larry McCanna
                        Carol McCanna
Putting Contest Winner
Jim Mourlas - $13.00